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Meet Alix Hollis

If a story began with endless grey skies, bitterly cold rain, and strong winds, then you might think the worst. Even though this was how my day started, it was not a bad omen of how I was welcomed to Ammba.

Who am I?

My name is Alix Hollis and I‘m doing work experience here at Ammba. I’m currently in my final term of an English and creative writing degree and you can usually find me reading a novel.

A warm welcome

My first day could’ve been daunting but this was not the case. The atmosphere was friendly and, once I had been introduced, it was on with the work. The team were encouraging and enthusiastic that I would be able to work with them.

The day, as you would expect, was a day of learning. I took my time to read through articles so that I understood Ammba, what they do, and the essence of company. I even managed to begin editing one of the articles that would eventually appear on the website.

New beginnings

Although it was only my first day, I already felt comfortable working as part of the team. I am excited to be able to contribute to such a lovely company.

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