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Royal Literary Fund – the next chapter

Our inner bookworms can’t contain themselves! We’re thrilled to be working with the Royal Literary Fund (RLF) on the next chapter of their archives website.

Setting the scene

For the next phase, we will be using our bespoke CMS called Nymbol, which is designed specifically for the cultural and heritage sector. This will build on the first iteration of the site – a database of the RLF’s archive of case files and recordings spanning 1790-1939.

It will include a redesign of pages, including a focus on mobile first and improvements to user journey. In addition to this, there will be new features and changes to search. This is all in order to meet the needs of existing researchers and attract general users to browse their rich and historic archive.

A novel idea

We’re really honoured to be working with the RLF. As a charitable organisation they aid published writers who are struggling financially. They were established in 1790 and from then until 1939 they have had more than 3,600 applicants to the Fund. Alongside big name writers such as James Joyce, E. Nesbit, Mary Russell Mitford and Joseph Conrad, the archive features many fascinating and significant lesser known authors.

The plot thickens

The project began in mid-November 2019 and aims to launch mid-2020. We will be approaching the project in the usual Ammba way. This comprises of a blend of client and user engagement through mission documents and workshops. This will ensure the product is in line with all expectations and needs and that we create something that is absolutely right for RLF’s different users.

We’re super excited to see how this will develop and to work with the Royal Literary Fund’s team going forward.

Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

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