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Developing requirements for North East on Film

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To identify the best solutions for a robust and fit for purpose collections management system to be used by North East on Film (NEFA). The system is to be used by staff across two locations to manage film archive content to support both improved organisational workflow and ensure the collections can be made more easily available to online audiences.


We held a requirements workshop with the team in York to learn more about their current workflow, the pros and cons of the current system and future needs.

Alongside this we undertook detailed research to evaluate the current market for collections management systems, particularly those specialising in moving image content.

As part of the requirements gathering we held meetings with the British Film Institute (BFI) and the Media Archive for Central England (MACE) to see their systems in action. Visits to both archives, enabled us to learn more about the systems they use, the successes and pitfalls they had experience in implementing these and to gain a wider understanding of sector best practice.

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An options appraisal was developed for NEFA. This included a detailed requirements specification that was used to assess the systems currently available. A series of recommendations were made about how NEFA should proceed towards a formal tendering process.