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How can you build a 'library for the 21st century'?

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How can you build a ‘library for the 21st century’ without letting the project become led by technology? That was the challenge that we faced within the new Library of Birmingham (LoB).

Ammba worked to help define what a ‘library of the future’ would look like and how a content first approach could utilise digital technology to engage existing and new audiences.



Ammba developed a content strategy and multi-channel schedule which would act as the foundation for determining what user experiences and then what technology was needed in the new building.

We led both internal and external teams in the development of apps, touch screens, large format display screens and social media as well as ways for internal teams to create and curate new content.

Touch and display screens not only look attractive, but also encourage people to explore the library by using the digital. In 21st century, this makes the library more appealing to many, in particular the younger generations.

Ammba also launched the Library’s SME engagement program that saw the Library and Creative England invest in 5 SME businesses to develop digitally engaging tools. These included metadata generation tools, image discovery, theatrical presentation of archive content and a Library app, Dozens and Trails.



The Library attracted over 2.7 million visitors in its first year, helped by the wealth of digital offering now in place.

The Library is attracting visitors from all over the world to Birmingham, aided by the interesting and innovative ways of using technology in a library.