Ninestiles Academy Trust

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With the digital world constantly evolving, the education world must keep up and embrace digital as a way to communicate. As a forerunner in innovation, Ninestiles Academy Trust approached us to help them develop a more consistent digital communications approach across the Trust and associated schools. The focus was on aligning their communications with their audiences, and the messages they were keen to communicate.


We reviewed their current communications approach across both online and offline channels. A series of workshops were carried out to enable us to understand the key messages Ninestiles Academy Trust wanted to communicate, and how they wished their brand to be portrayed to their multiple audiences.

We worked with the Trust to develop a ‘content map’ to aid the staff in creating a valuable online presence – the map helped define a weekly schedule of content and was designed to simplify the way staff could promote messages through different channels – including website, social media and newsletters, by adapting content for each channel.

A Communications and Content Strategy document was produced, to allow staff across schools to refer to guidelines when delivering messages both online and offline.

In developing this new digital approach, a redesign of the Trust brand was needed. The focus was on brining a consistent look and feel to the use of logos and brand across the Ninestiles schools, whilst maintaining the individual school personalities. This was then translated into a series of templates that staff could implement as print or electronic documents, and informed the development of the Trust and school websites.

Finally we delivered a social media workshop to train staff in the use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and to show how to use these channels effectively in their schools.


Ninestiles Academy Trust now have a consistent marketing and communications approach across the Trust and 7 associated schools, through templates and websites. The schools now have well run social media accounts that portray the individuality of each school, but unify them under the Ninestiles banner. The Trust and schools now have a regular and valuable online presence, effectively communicating their key messages. Ninestiles social media accounts now reach an average of 12,000 users per week, which is up by over 100% since June 2015.