Monthly Archives: April 2019

A website in the sun

We’ve been soaking up some (digital) rays for our latest project. This is a website development unlike our other projects, it’s our first in the travel sector. So, what better way to kick it off than helping out some close…

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Vineyard at the San Leonardo agriturismo holiday resort

CSSC Volunteer Conferences

Throughout November we journeyed the length and breadth of the UK for various CSSC volunteer conferences. They were held in some wonderful towns and cities such as Edinburgh, Cardiff and Southport. We attended these conferences as part of a consultation…

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Google Lens – The thing no one is talking about

If nobody is talking about Google Lens, then why should I be bothered? Well, because they have solved a problem that the average consumer doesn’t currently know about but will soon. Point and shoot Google launched their new Google Lens…

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