Over the last ten years we have worked on a range of transformational projects with libraries, museums and archives to develop digital strategies and establish new digital offers and services, often sitting alongside the more traditional physical offer.

The company was formed from our driving ambition to ensure digital outputs are meaningful, accessible and engaging for users, supporting organisations to reach new audiences whilst at the same time ensuring ‘digital’ is not done just for digital’s sake.

As well as our consultancy, we manage and develop a wide range of websites and digital platforms. We also write content for websites, support organisations with their SEO strategies and can help drive social media engagement.



We like to keep things simple. We understand that building good digital products can be tricky, so it’s our job to guide you through all the stages of development.

The process begins with us helping to shape your thoughts, develop your ideas and grow your concept.

We help you identify your audiences, understand your content and from this create the digital platform that suits both their needs and yours. Our aim is to develop simple, intuitive and beautiful products that are firmly within your budget.

Working with technical partners can sometimes be difficult, so we’re here to translate your vision and their jargon. We ensure that everyone is working together and it’s an approach we know brings success to any digital development.


For us it’s all about content. It’s what makes your digital presence special and ensures your customers keep coming back. At the same time, it’s often the hardest thing to get right.

We support you in organising and planning your content, making sure that it meets the expectations of your audiences and the channels they enjoy using.

If time is a problem, we’ll also get stuck into the doing, helping to research and create content alongside you.

Because your digital experience is not any one thing in isolation, we can help with a couple of very useful tools:

  • Channel Framework – will help you draw your channels together, so that you fully understand their potential
  • Content Strategy – enables you to manage your day-to-day content, ensuring all goes smoothly


We want your digital presence to develop and grow. It’s always our aim to build intuitive, sustainable products which you can use long after we’ve gone.

So we take the time to train your team, making sure they know their platform inside out.

But it goes beyond the product itself. We know that success comes from adopting appropriate tools and methods. So we work with you to embed robust processes enabling you to manage content, use channels and engage new audiences way into the future.


We work in close partnership with our sister companies, ReelLearning and Nymbol, drawing on specific skills and expertise as well as bespoke technology platforms and products developed specifically for education, cultural and heritage content.