Wenlock Olympian Society Archives

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The Wenlock Olympian Society (WOS) are custodians of the internationally important archives of William Penny Brookes. The WOS was founded in 1860 in Much Wenlock, Shropshire ‘to provide annual competitions in sports and the arts for people of every grade’. It is officially recognised as the forerunner to and birth of the Modern Olympic Games

These archives consist of photographs, letters, documents and minute books which relate to the Wenlock Olympian Games held during the 19th century. These were a precursor and inspiration of the modern Olympic movement and chart the actual discussions between Willian Penny Brooks and Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who went on to found the International Olympic Committee based on the format of the Games William Penny Brookes had started.

From October 2017 until November 2018 we worked with the Wenlock Olympian Society to help them achieve their goal of sharing their vast archive with digital audiences.


Using our Corals platform, we created an instance for WOS that provides an exciting and visual setting for their collections.

Users can explore, comment and favourite images on the site and are able to purchase digital copies of their favourites. This means the platform supports income generation for WOS.

Corals is a white-label photo sharing website we developed specifically for archives, libraries, museums and others to share their collections online. 

Our work included cleansing, upload, and Q+A of photos to the site. In addition to this, we included the application of brand assets to provide a fully branded WoS experience.


WOS now have a contemporary, mobile-first platform to share their archive and that fulfils their ambitions. The platform currently supports 900 pictures from their archive and they have plans to add more images. As well as this, they can reach out to new international audiences interested in the Olympic movement.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with WOS and we’re so pleased to have helped them achieve their digital goals!