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CSSC Volunteer Conferences

Throughout November we journeyed the length and breadth of the UK for various CSSC volunteer conferences. They were held in some wonderful towns and cities such as Edinburgh, Cardiff and Southport. We attended these conferences as part of a consultation about a new volunteers’ website and the wider CSSC website project.

Engaging volunteers

At these conferences, we ran workshops to understand what volunteers wanted from their website.

In any project, and especially with a web one, it is crucial to engage the end users as early and often as possible. At these sessions we talked about the aims of the site, asked questions, validated our logic and presented early concepts.

It was a useful exercise as we received great engagement and lots of useful feedback, both positive and negative, from some lovely people. What really helped was the clarity of thought that CSSC volunteers brought to the sessions.

Our work was warmly received. From this engagement many ideas grew which are shaping how the final website will look and work. This project was in partnership with consultants Entec Si.

Moving forward

It’s so important that users are at the heart of any tech project and their needs should drive the direction. That’s why we’ve spent time listening to the opinions and needs of CSSC’s volunteers. We’re putting their valuable advice to good use and are working hard to deliver the site they want.

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