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Are you a Mexican or a Mexican’t?

We spent the last week filming at a school in Mexico, with our sister company ReelLearning. It was a hugely rewarding experience to work with the pupils and staff of the San Roberto International school. Their positive outlook, thirst for learning and real talent was a pleasure to be around. The attitude of the pupils and staff in this British International School in Monterrey is very much ‘Mexican’.

Ammba was there with Birmingham-based production company Vyka to capture video of best practice teaching and thought pieces from some of the staff. These clips will be shared with other schools internationally, as well as in the UK, using ReelLearning’s online platform. Working in Mexico isn’t without its challenges, most particularly the heat and humidity. We couldn’t guarantee the film equipment would operate in temperatures of 50 degrees C and most days found us in the high 40s with humidity at an impressive 80-90 per cent. Thankfully the film kit held up and more importantly so did the staff, pupils and our film crew.

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