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Canadian Adventure

In the summer we set out on an expedition to Canada alongside some fantastic people from Birmingham City University. This was all in aid of understanding best practice of STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) and to build relationships overseas.

Exploring new possibilities

We were asked by Birmingham City University’s STEAMhouse to organise a delegation to tour Ontario, Canada. They picked us as we have worked extensively in Canada and for the Provincial Government of Ontario.  In addition to this, we have contacts at universities, business communities, and the Provincial Government of Ontario, in Canada, which was helpful to their aims of building relationships.

For the team, research, enterprise and employability were key areas that we wanted to expand our knowledge of so that we could assist with STEAMhouse operations back in Birmingham. This learning would be applied to areas such as incubation, acceleration, digital media and service development

The adventure

We were here, there, and everywhere during our Canadian adventure. The programme took in Waterloo, Toronto, and Ottawa with over 20 meetings in five days. If our busy schedule wasn’t enough to compete with, the searing heat sure tried its best to slow us down. However, we couldn’t be stopped on our journey.

As well as learning lots and meeting some wonderful and generous people, we discovered Beaver Tails – a delicious and life threateningly unhealthy treat. To top off our whirlwind trip, we almost missed our flights home thanks to some spectacular storms.

Back to Birmingham

Our fabulous trip was well worth it. Birmingham City University returned to the UK with reams of new knowledge and some great new contacts. As a result, this learning will drive to expand their STEAMhouse operations in Birmingham.

We felt honoured to assist and accompany the University on their travels and voyage of learning. We can’t wait to see how they put all this new information into action!

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Ammba and STEAMhouse delegation in Canada