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Corals welcomes a fourth archive

Our Corals family has expanded – we’ve welcomed a fourth archive with open arms and couldn’t be happier. Wenlock is home to memorabilia associated with the development of the Olympic Games. So, how does our new arrival fit into the family?

Modernising a legacy

Corals is a white label site which allows archives to put their own branding and archive content onto it. This will enable Wenlock to have a contemporary, mobile first platform at a cost-effective price.

This development will allow them to reach and engage with a whole new audience, particularly those who might not traditionally be interested in local history. Meanwhile, Wenlock’s current audience can enjoy the archives in a brand new way.

A champion of archives

Wenlock Olympian Society has a considerable archive which is home to letters, medals, photos, manuscripts and ephemera. This all relates to the development of the Olympic games from the 19th century onwards as this is where the Games gauged inspiration from.

They grow up so fast!

Every new member of the family is a cause of celebration. Like any member of the family, we can’t wait to watch this grow and develop.

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