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Here at Ammba we always like to work on something that’s a little different. So when we were asked to be involved in the UK’s largest self build housing project, our reply was a resounding “yes please ”!

Laying the foundations

Graven Hill is located just outside Bicester, Oxfordshire, and is a revolutionary custom build housing development. Whilst they had an existing web presence, they wanted to develop a more flexible site that would capture the imagination of prospective homebuilders.

Graven Hill’s new home

Working as a partner to Entec Si, we project managed the build over a seven month period. Using a flexible CMS, we developed an intuitive sales site, which features engaging design and an interactive plot finder. As a result the team at Graven Hill are able to easily update their fast-paced programme of activities and support plot sales.

Meeting the neighbours

In addition to the website, they wanted to use social media to promote the project. Their aim was to establish themselves as an active, engaging voice on socials. Similarly they wanted to communicate the project to potential buyers and suppliers. That’s where we came in.

After working with the team to define their approach, we launched them on both Twitter and Facebook. Using a flexible monthly planning process, we delivered a rich schedule of vibrant content. Consequently this has led to a strong growth in engagement, reach and followers across all platforms.

Home sweet home

We’re very excited about both elements of our work with Graven Hill. It’s fascinating to for us to see this truly ground-breaking project grow (we make no apologies for the quality of our puns).

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