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A website in the sun

We’ve been soaking up some (digital) rays for our latest project. This is a website development unlike our other projects, it’s our first in the travel sector. So, what better way to kick it off than helping out some close friends?

Sun, sea, and websites

When we heard the San Leonardo family needed a new website, we couldn’t resist offering to help. We worked closely with them on vision, scope and development of the website – this included writing all the content.

The fabulous Ryan at ‘Design by Glass’ designed and built the website with us. We love how visual it is at the front end and how easy to use the CMS is. Although, staring at these wonderful photos has made us miss the sun!

Ready for take off

The content and images were so brilliant, we couldn’t contain our excitement. It has been a lot shorter than our usual website development – from start to finish it has taken eight weeks. However, meeting this timeline has been a breeze.

The website launched in early February. We loved it so much that some of us are looking forward to visiting for a holiday later this year!

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