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Training the team

When it comes to training, never let it be said that we at Ammba let the grass grow beneath our feet. We recognise the value that ongoing professional development provides not only to the business, but also to us as individuals. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to let you know about our latest learning and development exploits!

Buffy’s campaign of learning

Buffy has recently worked through two hefty training courses, both of which are outside of her normal work areas. The first was a Guide to Digital Marketing. This covered a whole range of different topics, such as building strategies, SEO and Google Analytics. We’re sure Buffy will be leading a nation-wide advertising campaign before the year is out.

The second of Buffy’s travels into the enlightening world of learning and development saw her tackle proofreading and copyediting. Always one with an eye for detail, Buffy’s honed her razor-sharp editing skills even further. During the course, Buffy learned how to apply a style guide, analyse spelling and grammar and check for accuracy and facts. These are all super helpful skills and we’re sure that she will bring them to bear on one of our projects soon.

The mean, the mode and project management

Meanwhile, Matthew has been getting to grips with project management. He successfully undertook an Open University course on the topic, and is very proud of his 93% pass score. This is something that we at Ammba are yet to hear the last of…

As a result, Matthew has covered a range of areas of this complex art, including:

Understanding what a project is
Planning the project
Executing the plan
Evaluating the project

It goes without saying that he will be putting this training into practice in the coming months.

Following hot on the heels of that success, Matthew has launched himself into Bond University’s ‘Data Analytics for Decision Making’. It’s fair to say that is a new area for our Head of Content, but he’s very much enjoying being able to tell his ‘mean’ from his ‘median’ and ‘mode’.

The training must go on

So, as you can see, it’s been a busy old period for our intrepid learners. We’re excited to see Buffy and Matthew use these new found skills across different areas of their work. It will be interesting to see where this thirst for learning will take them both next, but we’re sure that we’ll be sharing more of their training exploits in the coming months.




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