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Celebrating the launch of myTube

Last Thursday was a special day for us, as we travelled up to Sheffield to attend the official launch event for myTube, a website which we are very proud to have been involved in.

Developed in collaboration with patients, carers, clinicians and researchers, myTube uses short video clips to help people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and Amyotrophic Sclerosis (ALS) learn about life with a gastronomy tube. During the project we worked alongside filmmakers Optical Jukebox, with support of the team at SITRaN (Sheffield Institute for Transitional Neurosciences) to produce the website.

The launch was a great opportunity to celebrate myTube and to catch-up with our wonderful MND patient and carer group, who provided such an invaluable insight into their everyday experiences. It was certainly an emotional moment for us all, especially as we took time to remember Marlene, one of our contributors who is sadly no longer with us. Marlene, you were an absolute joy to work with.

It’s really important for us to spread the word about myTube and we’re thrilled that both the Yorkshire Post and ITV reported the launch event. Once again a big thank to everyone who was involved in this very special project, and please help make a difference to someone’s quality of life by sharing #mytube.

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