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Delivering a digital strategy for Powys Cultural Services

We’re excited to announce the delivery of a digital strategy for Powys Cultural Services. The document provides the Powys team with a clear vision, direction and roadmap for the development of a coherent and coordinated digital service across the county. As well as their customer facing offer, the strategy will also improve working approaches to digital and support staff development.

Meet Powys Cultural Services

Powys Cultural Services provides vital cultural services on behalf of the wider County Council. These include public libraries, museums and archives. Building upon an uptake in online services during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, the team commissioned us to develop a strategy to help them grow and embed their online offer.

Developing the strategy

The focus has been on a cross-cutting approach to digital across all services to establish the digital persona of Powys Cultural Services.

The strategy was created using the following steps:

  • Collaborative workshops with key staff members to understand the current landscape and future aspirations
  • User survey to learn of residents’ digital skills, interests and habits
  • Sector research to capture current and future trends
  • Staff survey to learn more about wider staff attitudes and digital skills

Drawing these sources together, we were able to articulate a series of activity strands that underpin the planning, delivery and growth of their digital offer. These are brought together within a three-stage roadmap.

This begins with Powys kicking off their strategy and starting to plan activities. Following this they then deliver on the strands that drive the strategy forward and bring digital services to residents. Finally, the team will embed a sustainable tech infrastructure to enable long-term delivery. Critically this process will fuse together Powys’ different cultural offers under one cross-cutting umbrella. As a result, this will provide a more consistent and diverse experience.

Next steps

We’re working closely with the Powys team to begin the first phase of the roadmap. This will include a number of activities such as the creation of a working group, evaluation of the current landscape and planning for delivery phase. It’s a real joy to work with the Powys team to develop their online cultural offers. Subsequently, we’re looking forward to seeing the digital strategy come to life in the coming months.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help your organisation then do get in touch.

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

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