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Filming in Dubai

For the first week of October 2018, we were lucky enough to jet off to Dubai to take part in filming at Nord Anglia Dubai International School. Our sister company, ReelLearning, were commissioned by our client to carry out this exciting opportunity.

Lights, camera, action

The films were focused on the early years setting and are designed to educate non-specialist early years teachers. We managed the on-location organisation and production.

In addition to this, we carried out some interviews with senior members of staff on a leadership programme they had attended.

Setting the scene

The school was surrounded by sandy desert areas and we were thrust straight into the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Our day of filming started at 7am, after 30 mins set up, and we typically left the school at 7pm. The blistering heat and blinding sunshine lasted all day and camels wandered through the backdrop, much more accustomed to their surroundings than us.

Frequent water breaks and the wonderful people really helped us through the busy week.

The crew

We had a great time meeting the staff and children who were all incredibly welcoming. It really emphasised what a great school it was, and the children were fascinated by us.

They often mimicked us by pretending to be a camera or sound technician. Not only this but the children provided us with letters saying how much they enjoyed us being there. The letters were so heart warming we had to take photos to share.

That’s a wrap!

These videos will be used by Nord Anglia to train and educate staff. They will also be put onto our Reellearing platform. It was a great experience to be involved in and one we will never forget.



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