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Nottingham’s inspirational archives

We all love old photos right?

And there’s nothing better than looking at pictures of your local area, especially if they give you a sense of how it’s changed over the years.

Well for the people of Nottingham this enjoyable pastime just got a whole lot easier with the launch of Inspire Picture Archive (IPA). The site uses our archive photo sharing platform Corals as its basis and was developed specially for Inspire, who look after the archives for the whole of Nottinghamshire.

IPA contains thousands of fantastic photos of the county, stretching way back into the 19th Century. They illustrate many aspects of social life in the area, including some incredible images of the world famous Raleigh factory. If you want to learn more about Nottinghamshire or just love old, historical photos, then the site is perfect.

You can purchase digital copies of the pictures you like or dedicate them to a special friend or loved one. These features mean that IPA goes way beyond traditional photography archives sites, providing a very personalised experience that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

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