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Trends we’re looking forward to in 2019

“Anyone who tries to predict the future of technology will end up either being lucky or wrong.”

Technology changes as quickly as consumers want it to and it’s often hard to tell what’s coming next. That said there are some trends that really make a difference. So, we’ve been looking at the expected trends for 2019 to see which ones we’re looking forward to. Hopefully, some of them will be here to stay!


In this modern world, the everyday technology user wants to be able to personalise the content within a site they are engaging with. This year will see more and more tools being developed to allow users to create ‘enhanced profiles’ to tailor their experiences. These will include personalising physical details, content preferences, and personal habits.

It is anticipated that users will expect sites to interrogate their enhanced personal profile. This will tailor content to their needs and interests. Overall, this will create a more engaging experience for the user.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We’ve all heard about artificial intelligence. In fact, the world can’t stop talking about how AI is going to take over. So how is this a new trend for 2019?

Thanks to marketing departments all over the world, there are a lot of things that are being branded as AI but are actually just computers doing what they have always done.

The true application of artificial intelligence to websites has not yet been properly realised. As this realisation happens, our online experiences will be enhanced further. AI will assist people as they use websites and also facilitate human assistance for help queries.

Smart Sites

There’s nothing worse than wanting to engage with a website but feeling as though you need a map just to navigate around it. Websites heavy with unnecessary pages and complex navigation are out-dated and not user-friendly.

‘Smart sites’ could see websites work on just one page that allows users flow seamlessly through the content. This is a fundamental shift in web design and creates greater engagement with mobile users. This change would mean websites are helpful and informative.

Reward and Loyalty

The idea of making websites easier to navigate around is just the start in grabbing users’ attention. With so many websites out there, rewarding users for visiting your website will become commonplace. Reward is not a new concept, but with so many different types of rewards around users are becoming discerning and even critical if the reward offered is not meaningful to them.

Finding the right way to reward loyalty is more than just positive reinforcement, it’s saying a meaningful ‘thank you’ to them in a way you haven’t before been able to convey. It’s also a great way to encourage and enforce positive behaviours in users.

Gamification and fun

Even though this concept isn’t brand new, it’s the single most effective way of engaging and motivating an audience. It must be applied meaningfully, through the use of multiple strategies, to tailor appropriate rewards to a user’s needs.

Social media

You probably have a social media account – we have several. In fact, social media reaches millions of people across the world. However, not all use of social media is effective.

As the way we use social media changes and new platforms are introduced, company strategy will need to evolve. The politicisation and commercialisation of platforms can act as a deterrent for younger audiences. Also, the privacy that some platforms allow is a draw in a world where information is so easy to reach.

So, whilst this is not revolutionary for 2019, adopting new platforms and ways of using social media to find where your audience is, will be crucial. Its just not enough to pop a Facebook and Twitter logo on your homepage.

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