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Creating a mobile first membership website for CSSC

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Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) wanted to replace its website with a new mobile first focused website that enabled them to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Provide a seamless, time-efficient experience for users
  • Increase conversion rates of new members
  • Encourage greater interaction with their product catalogue, leading to an increase in product purchases
  • Meet expectations of today’s digital consumers
CSSC is a member’s organisation for the Civil Service and public sector workers and provides many leisure, sport, and consumer benefits to 160,000 members. It uses a combination of staff and volunteers to deliver these benefits on a national and regional level. We were working alongside Entec Si, who were managing an overall Digital Service Programme for the organisation.


We began by helping CSSC to develop a detailed set of requirements for their new website. To help guide and develop the vision, we engaged customers, volunteers and staff using a variety of methods. This process informed a competitive tender process to appoint a website development supplier.

Throughout the project, we managed the relationship between 18a, who developed the website, and CSSC, using a process based on Agile.

For each area of the site, we produced mission documents to outline specific technical and user requirements. These informed the development of a custom-built CMS, which included bespoke modular content blocks and intelligent product search. Alongside this we needed to ensure that the site integrated fully with third party ticketing and CRM systems.

Ammba also led on the development and delivery of content across the site. This included positioning work to develop a style guide that articulated their tone of voice and then circa 300 pages of content for the site, which included copy and images. The content upload was a significant task and saw us uploading over 700 national and regional product offers in preparation for launch.

As go-live dawned, we supported UAT and the go-live process to ensure it went smoothly. The work didn’t stop there though, as we facilitated the handover to the CSSC team. This involved in-depth training on use of CMS and detailed content production training for the Web Team. 


In the month following launch, the site achieved:

  • 3000 new sign-ups
  • Members spending three times as long on the site than previous one
  • Bounce rate reduced by 33%
  • User spending increased by 40% on previous year
  • Unique purchases doubled on previous year

CSSC’s new website meets the needs of both the organisation, its volunteers and their customers. The website is contemporary and fresh with a mobile-first design that captures the on-the-go nature of their users. The intuitive search enables users to find and purchase benefits with ease.