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We came, we saw, we conferenced

Yep you guessed it folks, welcome to our annual speaking slot at the wonderful Internet Librarian International’s (ILI) Library Innovation Conference.

Held down at Olympia London, the show is a great way to catch-up with some of the cutting edge developments taking shape in the world of libraries and archives.

It was Team Ammba’s fourth appearance at the conference and this year we were excited to deliver two presentations to the ILI masses.

Obsession with the Present

First up to speak was Matthew, who presented in the Mobilising Content on a Shoestring track. He focused on how libraries and archives can use digital to deliver content to new audiences.

Matthew began by exploring digital trends for the culture industries and went on to discuss the challenges involved in developing a digital presence. Using our photo archive website Corals as a case study, Matthew suggested that building a new platform needn’t cost the earth.

Tech tips and tools

Everyone wants to make their lives easier, right? And using the best of tech enables us to save so much time and effort. So our very own Robbie took to the stage during the afternoon’s session to recommend a set of tools that we at Team Ammba find essential.

Covering project management, communication, social media and the just plain handy, Robbie extolled the virtues of several sites including Trello, Slack, Hootsuite and Last Pass. This last tool led to some lively debate about password security in large organisations.

If you like the sound of both presentations, you can check them out in full here.

The best of the rest

We also enjoyed spending time at the conference and made the most of some interesting seminars. Not only did we learn about the British Library’s Rio 2016 web archiving project, we also picked up on some fascinating uses for open data. Our heads were definitley buzzing with exciting ideas and possibilities as we left.

So a splendid day for us and great for us to see the Val and the ILI team again. We’re very much looking forward to next year’s event!

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