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Why collaboration is the key to success

We’re super excited to share with you Rebecca Bartlett’s latest opinion piece for Create Hub.

Rebecca emphasises the need for digital projects to include input from people of different backgrounds and perspectives. By collaborating with a diverse range of people, a project can become something more than tech and design. It can become something driven by people with passion, belief and the need to communicate something to the wider world.

In the article Rebecca uses myTube, one of our recent successes, to illustrate this point. By pulling together a series of workshops with key interest groups, the project was able to get an invaluable insight into those people’s lives. Their input changed the course of myTube, they influenced the concept in ways which purely digital people could never have conceived. Ultimately they bought heart and soul to the site.

Create Hub is a news site which focuses on technology in the art, creative and cultural industries. Rebecca is one of their Industry Experts for 2017 and has previously written articles for them. You should go check them out.

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