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Celebrating Welsh art with MOMA

Helping organisations to reach new audiences is at the heart of everything we do. So we’re thrilled to announce that we’re helping MOMA Machynlleth to revolutionise their online offer. This exciting commission will see us deliver a brand new website for this important cultural institution.

Meet MOMA Machynlleth

Based in mid-Wales, MOMA Machynlleth has been a vital part of the Welsh arts and cultural scene since its inception in the mid-1980s. With seven different exhibition spaces, the organisation supports a range of different artistic disciplines, from the visual arts to music and literature performances. MOMA Machynlleth also promotes wider Welsh culture and language via a programme of Lifelong Learning in partnership with Aberystwyth University.

Key project objectives

MOMA Machynlleth are focused on developing their existing web presence to enable them to meet a number of key objectives. These include the need to engage new and existing audiences, to deliver a contemporary, clean mobile-first experience and to drive greater sales and donations via an improved e-commerce journey. The site will be bilingual, serving content in both Welsh and English languages.

Understanding audiences

We’re currently working with the MOMA Machynlleth team to gather detailed intelligence on the organisation and these objectives. Critical to the success of this project is a thorough understanding of the organisation’s different audiences, both current and new.

Similarly we are learning more about the area’s diverse Welsh audiences and the seasonal tourists that visit Machynlleth. This will enable us to develop a website that absolutely meets their needs and fulfils MOMA Machynlleth’s requirements.

We’re super excited by this prospect and are very much looking forward to enabling MOMA Machynlleth to refresh its digital presence.

Image courtesy of MOMA Machynlleth.

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