New Projects

Developing a digital strategy for Powys Cultural Services

As an organisation we feel a natural affinity with Wales. From Welsh family relations, to our Shropshire office, to other projects based in Wales, we have strong links to Cymru. So when we heard that we were successful in bidding…

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Person using laptop at table

Dialect and Heritage project website

Do you know your ‘dregs’ from your ‘slops’ or your ‘grouts’ from your ‘grummets’? Well these are different terms used across England to describe the leaves at the bottom of a lovely mug of tea. So, what has this fine…

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People playing skittles in the road

Celebrating Welsh art with MOMA

Helping organisations to reach new audiences is at the heart of everything we do. So we’re thrilled to announce that we’re helping MOMA Machynlleth to revolutionise their online offer. This exciting commission will see us deliver a brand new website…

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Neurocare KnowHow awarded Ufi VocTech Seed 2020 funding

We’re super excited to announce the start of an exciting new project here at Ammba. Neurocare Knowhow is an online training platform and web app that will enable carers to develop their knowledge and understanding of caring for people with…

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A website in the sun

We’ve been soaking up some (digital) rays for our latest project. This is a website development unlike our other projects, it’s our first in the travel sector. So, what better way to kick it off than helping out some close…

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Vineyard at the San Leonardo agriturismo holiday resort

Filming in Dubai

For the first week of October 2018, we were lucky enough to jet off to Dubai to take part in filming at Nord Anglia Dubai International School. Our sister company, ReelLearning, were commissioned by our client to carry out this…

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Welcome to the family

We’re thrilled to introduce Ripon Re-Viewed, the latest addition to the Corals family! Launched during summer 2018, the site is home to the Ripon Civic Society’s vast photographic collection. It’s exciting for us to play a part in sharing the history…

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Nottingham’s inspirational archives

We all love old photos right? And there’s nothing better than looking at pictures of your local area, especially if they give you a sense of how it’s changed over the years. Well for the people of Nottingham this enjoyable…

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Our friends in the North

They say it’s grim up North, but for Ammba this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact we’ve been working closely with the North East Film Archive (NEFA) and the Yorkshire Film Archive (YFA), two archives that came together…

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A Miracle Occurs Here

The best project plan I ever saw laid the timeline for the project out in a very structured way, starting with scoping, through design, build, testing and just before the project completion date, there was an entry that said “a…

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